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Sponsor A Child

Rutindo School has a helping hand foundation with an aim of  working towards bridging literacy and numeracy education gaps for rural disadvantaged children and build a foundation for better opportunities. Many poor children around Pakanyi and neighboring areas are looking up to Rutindo to have a chance to education.

You can join us in the struggle to give opportunity to the poor innocent children to have a chance in education by sponsoring a child in Rutindo School.

You can sponsor in various ways :

  • Tuition
  • Scholastic materials

Rutindo School needs about $100 per term to manage and ensure that pupils get the education to push them forward.

Scholastic materials that you can provide include learning materials like text books, equipment like mathematical sets, bags, etc.

We are doing this in a good helping heart to give the innocent children a chance. You can reach us for more information and inquiries. You can also contact us by email info@rutindo.com


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