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Scheming Workshop

The scheming workshop was a one day workshop carried out at Rutindo Primary School Pakanyi Masindi District where we focused on schemes of work and lesson plans and how the two help to prepare the teacher for a class.


For this workshop, expected participants as per the project guidelines were teachers as the key stake holders in the teaching and learning of mathematics.


We had an interactive discussion with teachers on various key aspects:

  • Identifying mathematics topics that are challenging for teachers.
  • Identifying elements that make the topics a challenge.
  • Teacher preparation for teaching mathematics.
  • Making schemes of work for the identified topics.


From the intensive discussion a lot was learn’t:

  • Some topics have an integration of other mathematical concepts which learners may have not grasped earlier.
  • Topics with unknowns like Algebra give challenges at all levels.
  • Some topics are quite abstract with no clear cut teaching/learning aids.
  • Teachers themselves are not clearly competent on some of the mathematical concepts.
  • Inadequate teacher preparation (scheming and lesson planning) results into the challenges in delivering content.
  • Teachers need to read and research vastly to be able to plan creatively for delivering mathematical concepts.
  • Teachers scheme and plan individually, which limits their output since there is no sharing of ideas.
  • Some of the Challenging topics include; algebra, geometry, numeracy.

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