rutindo school

Rutindo School Background

Many factors have hampered education in Pakanyi area , Pakanyi sub-county, Masindi district. One major factor is poor numeracy and literacy skills among primary school children.

Majority of primary going age children lack spoken and written English language skills, yet these enable children to understand in class since English is the official media of communication in Uganda schools at most levels. Also, the relevance and relation to numerical skills and concepts is prevalently lacking.

In urban areas, children gain these skills at the ages 4, 5, and 6. For some, English is their first language since it is used at home. Such children have a big advantage over those raised in rural setting who start formal education in primary one, without the early childhood foundation.

On these grounds, Rutindo schools were started in relation to the dialect meaning of the word “rutindo” meaning a bridge. Rutindo is a non-profit organisation working to bridge literacy and numeracy education gaps for rural disadvantaged children and build a foundation for better opportunities.




Initially there was

1 head teacher

I trained teacher at nursery school level

Support staff

1 matron (to manage children’s welfare)

1 Gatekeeper

1 cleaner


Now alot changed, check the current Rutindo School




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