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The information found on this website is provided by Rutindo School. This website and all of the information it contains is provided strictly “as is” and without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.

Limitation of Liabilities

Under no circumstances will the management of Rutindo School liable to any person or business entity for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other damages based on any use of this website or any other website to which this site is linked, including, without limitation, any lost profits, business interruption, or loss of programs or information.

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Rutindo School makes no warranties, guarantees or representations about any external website it references, and it will assume no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage sustained due to any inaccuracy or misinformation found at such an external website.

Photography, Graphics, Videos and Multimedia

In many cases, this website uses multimedia including graphics, images, audio and visual materials with permission of third party copyright holders. Reproduction of such materials is not permitted.


Preservation of the User’s privacy is very important to Rutindo School. Rutindo School is committed to protecting the rights of users in relation to their personal information and confirms that all personal information submitted by the User to the Site will be processed in accordance with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation under this Privacy Policy.

Since we are so much involved with Children, we take child protection seriously as per the various laws governing the welfare, interaction and communication with children

Links to Rutindo School owned websites ancillary to this Site are covered by our policies. Links to Third Party Sites, provided on this Site, are not covered by the Rutindo School Policies and when visiting such Third Party Sites the User should check the privacy statements of each site that they visit.

Rutindo School processes personal data for its staff, members, members of the public attending events or exhibitions and others, depending on the activities concerned

Rutindo School doesn’t share Users’ personal data unless it either has first obtained consent to do so, or pursuant to a legitimate interest of the organization.

All information on Rutindo School Website is subject to copyright under the Copyright Act 1964

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