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Content Development Workshop

Our second workshop was about Content Development where we introduce the idea of cultural artifacts to the various stakeholders. This was a three day workshop held in Masindi district, Uganda.


  • Teachers from various schools in Masindi District as key stakeholders
  • Head teachers from various schools in Masindi District
  • Masindi District Education officers
  • Members of School Management Committees for the various school in Masindi District.


We introduced the project idea (Mathematics education methods using cultural artifacts) to all the invited stakeholders.

We discussed the current methods of teaching / learning mathematics that are used as per the National Curriculum Development Centre and Ministry of Education .

We looked at the different problems and challenges faced in mathematics teaching and learning with focus on Primary education in Uganda. Some solutions to some of the challenges were highlighted by various education experts.

In detail, we discussed the currently used mathematics teaching and learning aids in primary education.


From the detailed discussion with the different education experts, we came up with some interesting findings that would help guide us on how to adjust some of the project objectives.

  • The curriculum is ideally to a greater extent well formulated with good objectives but has some challenges.
  • Most of the challenges in the teaching learning process are teacher centered.
  • Some challenges identified are rectifiable whereas others are policy issues that are beyond our control.
  • Involvement of all concerned stake holders in the teaching/learning process gives great impact.
  • Use of concrete objects is key in facilitating understanding in mathematics education.
  • Mathematics is a language in itself and effort must be put to explain it for learners to engage.
  • Relevance of mathematics education should be demonstrated in the teaching learning process such that it is not aloof and abstract from daily life

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