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Concept Development Workshop

The concept development was our first Workshop as The Rutindo Project. the workshop was held at Forest Cottages In Kampala, Uganda with the main theme of developing a concept that will drive the Rutindo Project


We invited many academicians from different professions basing on the their input and technical expertise.

  • Head Teachers who elaborated on enforcement of the various teaching methods that are used on ground as well as the monitoring of the teaching for the various subjects as per the Uganda curriculum.
  • Teacher Trainer who discussed the teaching methods used in the perspective of teacher training with the main focus to Mathematics as a subject.
  • Senior Lecturer who talked about the general teaching environment at the different levels of academics with detail on primary level teaching.
  • Math Teachers who discussed the on ground teaching experiences in their daily teaching activities.
  • Family Expert who discussed how the children thinks in a way to help other stakeholders understand how the child thinks. The expert also discussed the perspective of the parent in terms of the child education.


  • Current math curriculum: We thoroughly discussed the current implemented math curriculum developed by the National Curriculum Development Center(NCDC) for primary education.
  • Curriculum implementation comparison: We compared the current curriculum implementation by the book vs what is actually implemented on ground.
  • Math learning aids: We discussed the available teaching and learning materials in a local setting with focus on familiarity by the learner and teacher.
  • Role of culture: we discussed the role of culture and indigenous knowledge and how they can affect the mathematics education for the learners with focus on rural running culture.
  • Cause of current curriculum setbacks: We looked at the current curriculum setbacks that are currently affecting the current implementation of the curriculum.
  • Generation of new ideas in relation to cultural artifacts.


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