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Comparing Schemes Workshop

The workshop was held at Rutindo Primay School Pakanyi Masindi district in June 2018.


Math teachers from various schools in Masindi district


  • Comparing scheming ideas and resources.
  • Challenging mathematics topics for learners.
  • Challenging mathematics questions from identified topics.
  • Solutions to identified challenges.


  • Learners find a challenge especially where no teaching/learning aids are used.
  • Teachers need to be creative and flexible with the methods and approaches to best help learners.
  • Team effort at every stage is required to ground learners in foundational concepts.
  • Learners need thorough descriptive explanation of mathematical terms and symbols.
  • Some curriculum stipulations and expectations are limiting and create confusion.
  • An examination driven demand makes both teachers and learners to miss focusing on understanding, but rather cramming concepts to pass.

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